Jono El Grande - Composer & artist


Jono El Grande - Composer

Jono El Grande’s real name is Jon Andreas Håtun. He is a composer, artist and author. In his music, Jono El Grande works to explore the boundaries of genres, mixing jazz, classical, electronic, contemporary art music and rock.

Jono El Grande has released six albums from 1999 to 2015, all of which represent one overarching conceptual idea, but with each other’s representative form of preparation; For example, Utopian Dances had a touch of danceable contemporary music in a lo-fi electronics costume, Fevergreens stood for feverish evergreen-like melodies while Neo Dada was characterized by neodadaistic pseudo folklore.

Jono El Grande became a member of the Norwegian Society Of Composers in 2010. His stage debut as a composer, with his own orchestra (Menü Bizarra), happened in Oslo, January 29 1995. In 1999 he released his first album, Utopian Dances. He was a commissioned composer for Happy Days 2007 (arr. by Ny Musikk, Norwegian section of ISCM – International Society For Contemporary Music) (festival orchestra), the 5th anniversary of Bærum Cultural House (festival orchestra) in 2009, BIT20 Ensemble (sinfonietta of Bergen) in 2011 and for Trondheim Sinfonietta in 2014.

Jono El Grande released his 6th album in 2015, Melody Of A Muddled Mason (Rune Grammofon). At the moment he is working on album #7.