TRY THIS AT HOME – Jono El Grande & Ingunn Birkeland

A wonderful idea from Ingunn Birkeland & Jon “Jono El Grande” A. Håtun; how about making a 12 m2 wall mural made with just Plus-Plus pieces – you know, the remarkable little Danish colorful puzzle toy? One day in November 2016 Jono contacted Plus-Plus. They thought it was a good idea. So we made a deal: they’d provide us with pieces… if we’d make the wall piece. And so we did. The whole job took 4 months to complete, with both workers having a lot of other stuff to do as well in that period. As you’ll see, the couple randomly put piece by piece together on their table, and then parts were glued systematically on the wall. Other than that, no plans were made. The patterns were improvised, in a cooperative piecemeal stream of consciousness.


Music by Jono El Grande: “Smother Eve II” from the album Melody Of A Muddled Mason (Rune Grammofon – 2015)

®Jono El Grande Prod. 2015